Care to guess our latest addiction?
No, it’s not chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Nor is it weighing ourselves incessantly throughout the day so the Wii Fit won’t yell at us next time we step on it. Though both would be true.
No, it’s much more fun. It’s a little (okay, not so little at all) site called Shopflick.
Have you been?
Imagine YouTube meets QVC, but with a youthful yet accessible E! voice. Instead of just trolling through pictures of products you might want to buy in the tradish online boutique way, there are fun short videos with people actually modeling the goods. Sometimes they’re models, but more often they’re Shopflick hosts and the designers behind the products themselves who tell you the inspiration behind the pieces.
Better yet, the items featured are all by independent designers or boutiques. Our faves.
We especially love the new daily Private Sale, which lets you shop one item per day at a supremely discounted price of up to 75% off. Think of it as Hautelook meets Delight. Each sale lasts for about 36 hours or until the item sells out. Whichever comes first. We wouldn’t dawdle if we were you. And we are. Hmmm.
Yesterday, we scored a great Popomomo scarf for less than $30 and today you can nab a sweet French love letter necklace by Misa Misa for only $9.95 (regularly $28).
Also scope out the Hall of Style videos with host Davida…wait for it… Hall. In the most recent webisode, she kicks it with the Kardashian girls (old friends, natch) and helps them pick looks for upcoming events.
Check it out here!
P.S. Since we know many indie designers and boutiques are reading this, you can easily set up your own Shopflick boutique too. It’s fun for everyone.

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