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Pull up a chair, my dears, it’s time for round two of our desert weekend pics at Rock Reach. This is where you could find me when we weren’t out exploring, cuddled up with a mean cuppa hot chocolate and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (I know, I’m only 10 years late to that party, but ohmyjam that book is good). Taking my place is my favorite new zig zag bag (a.k.a The Charlie Brown bag!) that sweet Helen gave me for Christmas. It’s Hansel From Basel (and here I thought they just made the cutest socks and tights!).



On Sunday, we had the best time taking the road less traveled (very, very literally), as we went off-roading.



I worn torn AE jeggings (the comfiest jeans ever!), UO Vintage cowboy boots, ASOS glasses and my favorite H&M coat. I hardly ever wear my hair down, so for those of you who asked to see my new hairdo and have been patiently waiting for photos, I’m afraid these will have to do. For now.



Ponytails for-ev-er!



But enough about me. Let’s talk about Joshua. Tree that is. You don’t even have to go to Joshua Tree National Park when you have your own in your very own backyard.



I am so in love with this landscape.



Though you could probably do something like ride a horse or sip a date shake, I am easily amused, so playing with my own shadow provided hours of fun.


Crossroads Cafe, Joshua Tree


Naturally, I was quite hungry after all of that activity. So we hit up Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree for the first (and last) time. Last because it’s changing ownership, but hopefully the menu will stay the same because it was really good. Like African ground nut soup good. And hearts of palm salad good.



After, we popped into Ricochet Vintage right next door, which was full of treasures. Many I would have brought home with me if my darling partner in crime (see below) hadn’t insisted on silly little details like the items actually fitting. Note to self: Next time, shop alone!



Luckily, he’s worth it.



We had the best time and I was sad to say goodbye to the desert…



But I look forward to coming back!

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