Howdy mis amigos. How ya holding up? I’m up, down, all around today. While I have absolutely nothing to complain about since all I have to do is #stayhome — I’m finding it SO hard to get anything done. Including writing this blog post. But I really wanted to get it out there to you, in case you could use it. Here are a bunch of places you can order groceries, wine, alcohol – and even tampons – online and delivered at home, that you may or may not have thought of – beyond Amazon and InstaCart.

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While Amazon and Instacart are both included in this list of how to have groceries delivered at home, this list is mostly about what happens when you can’t get deliveries from those sites/services because they’ve been overwhelmed. And delivery time slots are hard to get and have been delayed by weeks. Or, as you may have seen yesterday, delayed because some workers have gone on strike.


Hope it helps!

How To Get Groceries Delivered at Home


Groceries + Fresh Produce


Pearson Ranch: It’s funny the things that feel like must-haves in our food routines. Do you have a food you feel like you just can’t live without? Mine is orange juice every morning. I love Simply Orange because the only ingredients are oranges. But I hadn’t been able to get a delivery. Desperate for my fix, I googled “oranges delivered” and came across Pearson Ranch in California. I had 35 lbs of oranges delivered and it only took about 3 days! Luckily we have a juicer and my morning OJ habit continues. They ship all over the USA and also have lemons and grapefruit.


The Fruit Guys: I didn’t know how long it would take to get my Pearson Ranch delivery. So I also ordered from The Fruit Guys too. I got the small Staples Mix box, which included a small variety of produce: apples, oranges and bananas (bananas are the other thing I can’t live without, as I start every morning with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oatmeal and add in fresh bananas). The shipping was also quick, 3-5 days. Use code House25 for 25% off all home delivery orders thru April.


Farmbox Direct: This is another source for getting fresh produce to your doorstep. As you can see, I was really not wanting to go without my OJ and bananas. So at the same time I ordered from Pearson Ranch and The Fruit Guys, I also placed an order from Farmbox Direct. I didn’t know how long things would take. I placed this the same day as Pearson Ranch and The Fruit Guys and the first box one will arrive this Thursday. Which means this one took the longest (not complaining; they are working around the clock to get orders out). I ordered the “Only Organic Large Box Fruits & Veggies). Which will come with rainbow carrots, garlic, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, potatoes, oranges, avocados, pears, kiwis , apples and more. Excited for this delivery!


Harry & David: While clearly not the most economical option, Harry + David has beautiful fruit, as well as gourmet food and wine. It also would make such a lovely gift right now for someone who needs a pick-me-up.


Parmesan Cheese: I hadn’t been able to have cheese for the last three years, due to health reasons and following the AIP diet to heal my gut. But after listening to Dr. Gundry’s podcast and reading his books, we discovered that Parmesan cheese from Parma, Italy is safe because it’s lectin-free (it has to do with the type of cows it’s from, A1 not A2 – or vice versa). Either way, I’ve successfully reintroduced it and now eat it all the time without ANY problems. Wild, right? Anyway, Whole Foods was where we always found the good parmesan from Parma, Italy. But we haven’t been able to get a delivery in over two weeks. So Fred Baby got to searching and, lo and behold, discovered you can buy huge wedges of Parmesan on Amazon. Mangia!


Siete Chips + Tortillas: Siete has been another godsend food in our household, as their products are all gluten-free and grain-free. Again, we normally get them through Whole Foods/Prime Now delivery, but since that hasn’t been an option, we went straight to the source. You can order directly from Siete’s website. Hooray. Side note: My favorite comfort food these days: Quesadillas made with Siete almond flour tortillas + Parmesan cheese. You can thank me later! p.s. Just noticed you can order Siete tortillas from Amazon too.


Farmer’s Markets: I saw the Beverly Hills Farmers Market post that while they are temporarily closed, they are working with their vendors to be able to have orders delivered directly to their customers. You can see more on their Facebook page here. You may be able to have the same for where you are and it’s worth going to your local farmer’s market’s website or Instagram or Facebook page for info.


Coconut Bliss Ice Cream: This is my favorite dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream. It’s SO good!  I can normally get it through Ralph’s/Instacart here in Palm Springs. But when we were in Austin, I had a hard time finding it. So I hopped on their website, where I discovered you can order it directly from them. Be warned: the online ordering/communication is slower than I’d like. For example, I’ve ordered it twice now and both times, it takes about 10 days to arrive, even though the shipping itself has to be pretty fast since it’s frozen/cold. I ordered some on March 20th and just got a note yesterday, Monday, March 30th saying it will be here by EOD Wednesday, April 1st. Worth the wait, but just a heads up! My favorite flavors: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.


Thrive Market: I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually try out Thrive Market since I’ve known about it for awhile and it’s the place for clean, healthy non-perishable groceries. How it works: You sign up for a membership — get 25% off your first order with my link here. Membership is just $5/month if you sign up for a year, or or $9.95/month if you do it by the month. You can pause or cancel any time and they even offer a risk-free 30-day trial membership. Then, you can shop by diet: gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc. The prices are 25-50% off retail prices on over 6000 organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products, including groceries, clean beauty, vitamins, cleaning products, and stuff for pets, baby and kids, all delivered at home. It’s basically like a clean Costco. What’s nice is that with every paid membership, they give a free membership to a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran or first responder. So great, right? I literally just signed up! I’m thrilled they have my favorite Kettle Brand Potato Chips (and for only $2.69/bag!).


Instacart: In case you’re not familiar (hi mom!) Instacart is a network of local shoppers who will go to the store and shop for you. It’s how I usually get my groceries delivered from Ralph’s here at home in Palm Springs (I use the Ralph’s app which is powered by Instacart). But you can also just download the free Instacart app on its own, and then from there select the store you want to shop at. Here in Palm Springs, that’s Sprouts, Stater Bros., Aldi, Ralph’s, Smart &Final, Total Wine & More, Gelson’s, Costco (without you having to pay the membership fee!), CVS, Sam’s Club, Petco, BevMo!, Albertsons, Vons, Target and Food4Less. We’ve only been successful getting this to work with Ralph’s during the whole Corona pandemic once in about two weeks, and another time with Sprouts, who just delivered as I’m typing this! Usually though, you can get an order same day or even within an hour.


Postmates: There really is no difference between Instacart and Postmates, except that Postmates’ main differentiator is that most people use it to have food delivered from restaurants. BUT, they also deliver groceries and alcohol at home. I had to remind a few of my friends in LA of that recently when they weren’t having success with Instacart and delivered groceries at home. They’re having delays as well though, just FYI. Note: I just saw an article that Postmates has teamed up with 7000 Walgreens stores nationwide, so maybe you can get some toilet paper that way. 🙂


PrimeNow/Whole Foods: In addition to Ralph’s, the other grocery store we normally get delivery from is Whole Foods. Now that they’re owned by Amazon, you just have to download the PrimeNow app or use their website to have Whole Foods delivered. Again, during COVD19, we’ve only had success with getting a delivery time slot once in the last two weeks, but at least it worked!


Amazon: You can get a surprising number of non-perishable groceries from Amazon delivered at home. We always get our favorite olive oil there for instance. Same with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oats. And one our new favorite gluten-free brown rice pasta! Plus, now that our local dog food store is closed, we also get Odee’s favorite No Hid


Shipt: I have a wonderful Instagram follower to thank for telling me about Shipt and how you can get same day and next day delivery from Target (including on groceries!), CVS, Petco, Ralphs, Vons, Smart& Final, etc.  from Shipt. Shipt is like Instacart or Postmates, it’s a network of local shoppers who go into local stores like Target for you. I just read that they’re being very supportive of their local shoppers, taking extra precautions (no-hands delivery) and if one of their shoppers test positive for COVID19, they give them 2 weeks pay. Shipt has a free 4-week trial. After that you can either pay a one-time delivery fee of $9.99 each delivery or you can sign up for an annual membership of $99/year. So it’s kind of like Amazon Prime, but for local shopping. I just found my Simply Orange orange juice from Target on there so could have it delivered today. Haha.

Fresh Direct: When we lived in New York, this is where we had our groceries delivered at home from. They say they’re experiencing long delays, so just a heads up.

Pea Pod: This is another primarily East Coast grocery delivery service —  and they’ve been doing it since 1989!

Walmart Grocery: I knew Walmart did curbside pick-up, but didn’t know that Walmart did grocery delivery…but they do! You can’t beat the prices. While Walmart is never top of mind when I’m thinking of food, did  you know they are the top seller/provider of organic produce?


Meat & Poultry


Butcher Box: For a few years, we had our beef, chicken and pork delivered from Butcher Box. The quality is excellent. The only reason we stopped is because we had too much, which is benefitting us greatly right now. I just checked their site and they’re no longer taking subscribers at the moment, because they’re also backed up, but I’ve included a few more sources below.


Omaha Steaks: Steaks, poultry, burgers, this is another great source for having meat delivered directly to your door.


FarmFoods: This site prides itself on telling you exactly where your meat is from. While they have have steak, chicken and pork, they also have heritage pheasant and duck.



Wine + Alcohol I know what you’re thinking, enough about food, where can I get my booze fix? Don’t worry, I have you covered. sells not only wine, but alcohol as well. We ordered a few of our faves: Chopin potato vodka and Patron tequila through them and are stocked up for this apocalypse and the next one. New customers get $20 off $100+ with code NEW2020


Winc: Another site you can order wine from is I haven’t used them yet but they’re a good source to try. If you use my link, you’ll get $22 off Winc wine!


MiniBar: You can either use their website or download the MiniBar Delivery app to have wine, spirits and beer delivered to your door in under an hour. Use my code for $10 off: KL047182 (and I’ll get $10 too!).


Household Goods, Toilet Paper, Tampons, Prescriptions + Drugs



Tampons: There are a few different subscription services for tampons and female wellness products these days, so I finally tried one: Lola. You can customize your box (i.e. you can get a mix of different tampons – light, regular, supers, or just get all of one kind – it’s totally up to you). Highly recommend as shipping was quick, packaging is minimal (i.e. not wasteful) and best of all, you know exactly what they’re made of unlike most big name brands, which include things like rayon and who knows what else since companies don’t have to legally disclose the ingredients.


Toilet Paper: Spoiler alert – I don’t have an answer for you. For a non-digestive issue virus, for some reason tons of people hoarded toilet paper early on causing a shortage. I was going to recommend trying Peach Goods, who delivers organic “luxury toilet paper” but they just stopped accepting subscribers for now. Womp, womp. Anyone else have a recommendation? My dad had some success on Amazon, but it’s hit or miss. We are lucky and have a bidet so won’t be hoarding any, but that said would love to be able to share a source. Of course, you can use Postmates to have Walgreens maybe deliver some?


CVS: I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but you can have your CVS prescriptions delivered to you. No more waiting in line! Let’s face it, whether you are sick or healthy, the last thing you want to have to do (especially now) is to go into a pharmacy (germ central). Bonus: They say they deliver essentials as well, so maybe you can get your toilet paper this way too. p.s. If you’re in Palm Springs, Fireside Pharmacy (who I use for my compounded prescriptions) delivers for free as well.


Grove Collaborative: Healthier home essentials like natural household and personal care supplies. Think detergent, Mrs. Meyer hand soap, dish soap, lip balm, Bee’s Wrap. Very Goopy, in a good way.



Pet Food & Supplies You can pretty much get anything you need for your pets from We usually get Odee her Primal Chicken through our local pet food store, but they’re closed right now, so I’m happy to see I can get her Primal Chicken delivered. Note: They due say delivery times are running longer than usual, so order pronto.


Farmer’s Dog: We’ve been giving Odee half of her Primal frozen food and half of her fresh Farmer’s Dog food. Their tagline is so healthy even humans can eat it. Or did I make that up? Maybe don’t try that, but Odee love it!


Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews: I mentioned these above, but wanted to include them here too. Odee’s favorite thing in the world? These bones! They’re a bit of a splurge at $4-5/pop, but she’s worth it.


Chicken Chips: Her other favorite snack? These Chicken Chips!



Did I Leave Anything Out?


WHEW — I think that’s it! I truly hope that was helpful and that it helps you to be able to #stayhome so we can all #flattenthecurve as quickly as possible.

Are there any other sites or services that I left out that you would recommend? LMK if the comments!

And, if you’d like, I can do a round up of meal delivery services and prepared food delivery. Just LMK…

Stay safe, stay well xo! 


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