Happy Friday, loves! Do you have fun plans for the long weekend? We have zero plans and couldn’t be happier. It’s just what we need. Before we take off, I thought I’d share a little tip for getting healthier in the New Year: an easy way to drink more water and get more vitamins. Goodness knows we could use both, as we’re really focusing on boosting our immune systems these days (having the flu three times in two months will do that to you).

In fact, last time we were at the urgent care, I asked the doctor how he didn’t get sick all the time. He replied, “I’ve literally seen everything, so my immune system is stronger.” Is that it? “Well, I do take Vitamin C everyday.” Noted. But I have a hard time taking vitamins… Why?

Confession: I can’t swallow pills. I know. I know. Chalk it up with other adult activities I haven’t yet mastered like opening wine and parallel parking. But this one I I’ve found a good way around — and it may be even more beneficial.

And, no, it’s not chewable vitamins (after about a week, they end up in the back of the cabinet never to be imbibed again). It’s those Emergen-C packets! Have you ever tried them?


Obviously they’re good for getting your daily dose of Vitamin C — plus B Vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes — but I’ve also found that they’re a good way to get you to drink more water because they actually taste good.

In fact, since they’re fizzy, I find that I’m craving them more than soda, so it’s a triple win. Add a cute straw and a slice of fresh citrus and it’s even easier to want to drink more agua. And, since dehydration can make you more susceptible to getting sick — not to mention looking older than you are (quel beast!)– drinking more water is a must. So, bottoms up, my dears!

I like: Emergen-C (Raspberry) and Ester-C (Orange)

p.s. Next week I’m excited to share the story of how my parents lost 45+ pounds!


[Photos by Kelly Golightly]

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