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I’m so excited to share a look at our living room here at Villa Golightly + the one item that has made it finally feel complete — our new  Pulse chandelier by Corbett Lighting that we got from Littman Brands! Check it out + tips on how to pick the right chandelier for your living room…

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woman in the living room wearing pink dress and sharing How To Choose a Chandelier

How To Choose a Chandelier + Our New Living Room Chandy!

Barclay Butera originally designed the living room for the Modernism Week Show House, so we were very lucky to have his blueprint to guide us.

How To Choose a Chandelier for your living room

You can see how he designed the room here (above) in Traditional Home.

living room with wide windows, white couch, and chandelier

As mentioned previously, after the Show House ended, some things stayed, some things didn’t. In this particular room, none of the furniture or lighting remained. But we were lucky that we already had similar white sofas of our own, which is what you now see here, so we could recreate the vibe, but with our own flair.

woman wearing pink dress and sitting on the carpeted floor

Since the chandelier did not stay, we were always wondering what we wanted there to replace it. So when Littman Brands and Corbett Lighting reached out to team up, I was thrilled because I knew just the room that needed some lighting love — the living room.

How To Choose a Chandelier with Pulse

Littman Brands carries many amazing lighting designers and brands, and while it can be overwhelming to make a choice on home decor decisions, I ended up choosing the one that took my breath away the moment I saw her — the Pulse chandelier by Corbett Lighting.

Isn’t she gorgeous!? Yes, she’s clearly a she!

She literally made my pulse race, so her name couldn’t be more fitting.


There are many ways to go about choosing a chandelier, but I think you should just go with what you are immediately drawn to. This golden girl made me swoon the moment I saw her.

With her silver stem and that beautiful golden bloom, she tied together the gold and silver elements in the room perfectly, which is something we had struggled with before.

I also loved how glamorous and sculptural she was. Fred Baby took a bit more convincing when we were tying to decide on a light, but ultimately admitted to her being the perfect choice.

So…go with your gut — and then convince your better half!

That said, there are some general guidelines on how to choose the right size chandelier for your living room.



Measure the length and width of the room in feet, and then add those two numbers together. For example, if your room is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, the sum is 22 feet. Change that number to inches (22 inches) and you will get a number that works for the diameter of your chandelier. In our case, the room is 20 x 30, so you would add 20 + 30 = 60. A chandelier with a diameter of 60 inches would work well in an 20 x 30 room.

Note: The largest size the Pulse comes in is a diameter of 45 inches. I was initially worried that was going to be way too big — I mean that’s four feet wide! But once I saw that if I followed this general decorator guideline that we’d be fine by a good amount,  I felt much more confident. And it ended up being perfect.


The taller the ceiling, the taller the chandelier can be, and you’ll generally be paying more attention to the diameter than the length. That said, as far as how high off the floor a chandelier should hang, it should hang about 7 feet off the floor, measuring from the bottom of the chandelier. For spaces with very tall ceilings, hang the light at 8 feet above the floor.

I hope that’s helpful!

Take a look at Corbett Lighting + let me know which light is your favorite.

Would you have chosen the Pulse chandelier for this room?

You can shop the Pulse chandelier by Corbett Lighting here.

p.s. I’ll be sharing a full room tour soon, with links on how to get the look.


Thank you to Littman Brands and Corbett Lighting for partnering on this post.

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