Tomorrow I’m doing something I haven’t done in YEARS…getting a haircut and highlights! I’m excited for the change but need YOUR help. Help me decide: How should I cut and highlight my hair?



Do you know who currently cuts my hair? Fred Baby! That’s right. For the last three years (ever since I went through my health hiccups), he’s been my mane man. Literally cutting my hair with kitchen scissors. Haha. I just wasn’t up for leaving the house a lot of the time, and once I was feeling better, I didn’t want to sit in a salon, feeling trapped in a chair for hours on end, with all the noises and smells.

So he stepped up to the plate and would trim my hair. I wear it back 99% of the time — and usually have a hat on — so it didn’t much matter.

But, I’m finally feeling ready for a change…so I found someone who does in-home visits and she’ll be taking on my locks tomorrow!

But I need YOUR help…


Let’s talk highlights first. I’m pretty sure I want to warm things up with golden highlights. Since I’m super low maintenance (re: lazy) when it comes to my hair, I want something more piecey or even ombre (or sombre — soft ombre — like I had done here).

Thoughts? Suggestions for low-maintenance girls who want to add some warmth and dimension?


As for which haircut or hairstyle to get, I’m torn. My hair is pretty much the longest it’s ever been, but it’s a little too long. So perhaps shoulder-length and in a lob (long bob). OR, a short bob like I had here.

Do you like it longer or shorter (also shorter here)?

Any input is GREATLY appreciated!

Oh and of course, the ongoing debate plaguing women since the beginning of time: bangs or no bangs? 😉


PHOTOS of me by FRED MOSER; all others via my Pinterest Beauty board 


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