It’s been forever since we’ve really chatted! That’s because things have been super mega crazy busy in kellygolightlyland — which is fab, but you know, exhausting, too. Here are just a few of the exciting things that have kept me from getting proper rest and nutrition: Our Couture a la Mode party on April 24th was a smashing success! Met tons of fab people, customers, designers, media peeps and just wonderfully creative people in general! I highly recommend everyone throw a ridiculously wonderful party sometime in their life!

You can now find kellygolightly bags in these fabulous shops:

Selma and Syd 220 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022

Purple Peach 323 N Kentucky Avenue Lakeland, FL 33801

SoHo Betty 226 Dalhousie Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7E2


Wonderful new interviews coming soon with: Mark Montano, designer extraordinaire. Perhaps you know his awesome designs? Or maybe you know him from the TLC show While You Were Out, or maybe you go gaga for his room makeovers every month in CosmoGirl! magazine? Either way, we’ll be getting’ the dish from this massively talented Renaissance man! Alli Abrahamson, sweet as pie owner of Selma and Syd. Her shop’s so delicious you could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get inside her brain and find out how she’s made a go of it in the hyper-competitive world of Manhattan retail and fashion.

Got problems? Of course you do! Instead of getting advice from Goddess on the Mountaintop, take advantage of the wisdom and sass of our guest advice columnists, The VaVas! Successful, wise, funny and real, these four southern ladies are the real-life version of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. They know luck, love, wealth and success and wanna share it with you. Send any and all questions to me and they’ll make sense of your madness. Who doesn’t want advice from women who go by the names Mary Turner Cox, Anita Willey, Royal Peters and Mustang Sally Johnson? Exactly!

kellygolightly has been getting hugs and luv from the press. Check us out here: My CiCy, Style magazine, and Lucky!

And have you seen our latest and greatest BussARoos? I not only love how adorable and sassy they are, but they’re so affordable too! If you want to order a set, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up. You can see the actual Hey Cupcake set here! Photos of the other sets coming soon! They’re only $42 for the whole set!!

Also, check out our new bags! The Love Blooms Weekender is a great carry-all for spring and summer! Baby Femme is little but packs a stylicious punch, as does Island Luva!  

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