hermes festival of crafts


When my beloved flips on How It’s Made, that’s normally my cue to pass out on the couch, Nutella firmly in hand. But how to make an Hermes bag or scarf? That I can stay awake for.



Launching today at The Bravern in Bellevue, Washington through February 28th Hermes’ Festival des Metiers (Festival of Crafts) introduces attendees to the actual master craftsmen from the renowned workshops in France, who will demonstrate how to make everything from a leather handbag to men’s shirts to watches and those legendary Hermes scarves. I DIY.



The Festival will move to Chicago March 11th through March 16th and then to Washington D.C from March 25th through March 30th. The hours are 11am-6pm. Let’s hope they’ll visit us in LA and additional cities next year, so we all can finally understand (and maybe even appreciate) why those Hermes goodies cost more than my first car!

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