Our friends Mike and Mary — who are a constant inspiration and some of the happiest and most successful people we know — once told us that at the start of every year they meet at The Fairmont in San Francisco for a long dinner in which they discuss their goals for the year. How great is that? So, this year we decided to give it a go…

We went to Escena in Palm Springs. Over martinis and a nice filet, and with notebooks in hand, we talked about our goals for the year and beyond. And it was really great. It helps to talk things out, put things in writing and know what you want and what your partner wants, so you can try to make those things happen.

My friend Laurel used to have regular “business meetings” with her now husband over margaritas to hammer out things with her jewelry business, and our friends Alan and Linda said that they discuss their five-year plans, like building a house (mission accomplished)  and having a baby (ditto).

Setting goals seems to be a shared trait among successful people. And it makes sense, as it helps to have a clear goal that you’re working towards. I find if I keep this is mind, then it helps make what seem like smaller decisions easier (i.e., if my goal is to get in shape, then my decision to whether I should eat that brownie or not becomes easier — okay, maybe only a little easier, but you get my point).

So, I’d love to know: Do you set goals for yourself? Do you and your partner set goals together? Do you have a five-year plan? Do you have any traditions or tricks for sticking to them? Any goals you’d like to share? Somehow putting things in writing and out into the universe seems to help them come true, don’t you think? I’d love to hear them!

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