Welcome to August, my darlings! Do you have any fun adventures planned for the month? Before we know it, it will be fall, so I plan to breathe in every last morsel that summer has to offer. This past weekend, we finally saw (and swooned over) Midnight in Paris and made a last-minute day trip to Ojai, which was breathtakingly beautiful (have you ever been?). We also stumbled upon a hot air balloon festival and finally made our way to the Beverly Hills farmer’s market. Dinners of sweet corn on the cob and heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella have been mainstays in our household lately. Followed by gelato, naturally ( I may or may not be eating strawberry gelato as I type this). Tonight we’ll head to Malibu, which we haven’t been to in far too long. What’s on your summer to-do wishlist? Do you love summer as much as I do or are you ready for autumn, cooler temps and hot chocolate? I’d love to know xx…

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