How do you celebrate Halloween, pumpkins? I usually want to do something really fun, but then procrastinate, and end up sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself (except for last year!). Isn’t that lame? But I have a feeling I’m not alone. This year, true to form, I have waited until the last minute, but my best ideas come to me that way, and a costume is a forming… And I’m very pumped about it!



I can’t wait to share the pictures with you on Monday, but I wonder if you have any guesses? I’ll give you one clue: It’s been one of my biggest obsessions this year. So much so that I can’t resist blurting it out when I first meet new people. It’s like cocktail party Tourette’s. And I’m sure many of my new friends who I met this year can probably confirm that.  Hmmm… Any guesses, boys and ghouls? (My five-year-young niece — who will be Wonder Woman — adorably says “goils” instead of “girls” — priceless. Who run the world? Goils!)


halloween bunny costume


Speaking of costumes, what is it about Halloween that brings out the inner, um, vixen in us? My friend and I joke that it should be called Ho’ween instead of Halloween. You know what I mean. This year I’ll be the exact opposite of sexy (well, unless you are very twisted), but I’ve famously tried to leave my parents’ house in an inappropriately revealing bunny outfit, to which my Dad gave an immediate and resounding “Hell no.” And to which, I can finally admit after 10+ years: He. Was. Right. You’re welcome, Dad. You’re welcome. These days, I appreciate a costume that is cute, or funny, or clever. How about you? I’d love to know what you’re going to be for Halloween…

Have a spooktacular weekend, dahling ghouls (and guys) and stay safe out there xx!


[Top photo from W magazine 2007 via here (photog unknown); Second photo via Samanta Levin’s Pinterest; Last photo via Tara D’Onofrio’s Pinterest]



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