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Happy Friday! What do you have in store? We’ll be heading back to LA and I have to say, even though at the beginning of this week I was not feeling ready for fall, I’m beginning to get excited for a cooler season. We’ve had summer weather since March in Palm Springs, so the idea of watching the sun dip below the mountain earlier and being able to cozy up on the couch actually sounds really appealing. I’m also looking forward to seeing friends and getting back to somewhat of a routine work-wise. Lately, things have felt like a lot all at once and I’m ready to take a minute to regroup. And while I’m not one to normally be excited for the holiday season (it always feels like a mad rush), I’ve been feeling homesick lately and am excited to spend time with family.

Speaking of, my sweet Kaylee Golightly called last night on her 8-hour car ride back from Big Bend, where she spent the past week on her first film shoot (she’s my hero). And she’s looking to spend her paycheck – on a trip (she really is my mini-me!). Last night she thought we should go to New York, which would be the most fun ever. But she said she would look at her map and text me today and let me know. So she did. And she had changed her mind. To where? Any guesses?

Russia. Russia!

I’m trying to steer her towards another direction… Wish me luck & have a great one!

p.s. Fred Baby told me last night that he thinks we’ll live in New York again. I wonder if he’s right…

Photo by me on Instagram from the Caravents lunch at The Pierre during Fashion Week

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