Bunnies, are you ready for a fun weekend? Today is my Mom’s birthday and even though we are many miles apart, I plan to do the right thing and have many, many cupcakes in her honor. Happy Birthday, Mamala! It’s also my Mom and Dad’s 38th wedding anniversary. My Mom got married on her 18th birthday. Incredible, right? (I’m pretty sure I was still sleeping with stuffed animals when I was 18. Um, I still am. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.) So happy 38th Mom & Dad! (And sorry, Mom, for revealing your age – to anyone who can do math).



In more family news, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are popping down from San Francisco for a visit, so I’m excited to greet them with abundant sunshine…and Moscow Mules. And since it’s the last weekend before this, I need to get my costume in order. Do you have any fun Halloween costume ideas? Should I buy a fox mask and call it a day?

What will you be this year? More importantly, will I see you at The Ace?


Here’s to a playful weekend…cake and kisses!








Top photo via here; bottom photo via here]

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