red juju hat feathered headdress wall poof; pink bench; pink furniture lulu and georgia; one kings lane upholstered tufted bed; palm leaf print art1 / 2 / 3 / 4

You guys, I have SO many fun travel posts to share with you from Provence and our trip up to Northern California (that we’re currently on) – not to mention from Capri — but I have only one thing on the brain…


I feel like I’m running a marathon but I have no idea what the finish line holds. Or why I’m running it. But I feel like if I keep running I’m bound to figure it out. Do you ever feel that way too?

Travel is wonderful, but sometimes the greatest luxury is home…and your own bed. I think we’ve been home for two days in the last month and today we start sneaking our way back down to Palm Springs. I. Can’t. Wait.

I think my longing for home is why I’ve been so decor-obsessed this week. While the pink bed didn’t happen, we did end up ordering the beauty you see above. Maybe FB will let me sneak that pink bench in? 😉  We’re also this close to finally making a decision on a coffee table. Whew! Decorating, it’s always a process. Next week, get ready to talk about rugs and bar carts…and stay tuned for trip photos!

Until then, have a wonderful, restful weekend whether you’re at home or on the road xx.

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