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Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Fred Baby’s parents arrived last night so we’ll be enjoying Palm Springs with them for a few days and then on Sunday, it’s Emmys time (8e/5c on CBS)! Will you be watching?

I love awards shows – okay, I mostly love watching the red carpet and seeing what stars are wearing – but I’m also excited to watch Neil Patrick Harris host. And I’m doubly excited to be playing host myself – of a fun Emmys viewing party I’m throwing in collaboration with Glade!


You know how our feelings are so intertwined with smell? How a certain scent can not only take you straight back to your youth or a favorite moment from your past, but can also make you feel like nothing else can? Glade really gets that and is all about celebrating the best feelings, so we’ll be teaming up on this viewing party to create the best feelings for our guests – there will be a red carpet & the location is super glam! – and I’m sure we will witness many a nominee have memorable moments as well.

Join us by following along on Instagram and Twitter – we’ll be using the hashtag #bestfeelings – and check back Monday for all the party pics here on Kelly Golightly. Until then, wishing you a weekend full of magical moments and the best feelings xx!

[Photos via Emmys.com]

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