Flummoxed by what to get the fave fellas in your life? Don’t sweat it, darling. We’ve rounded up tons of great gifts and will be bringing them right to your inbox all through next week. So sidle up to that Hot Toddy (Tod is like SO hot, isn’t he?) and let us take one more thing off your plate. It’s our gift to you. Cheers!


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[1. Camera Lens Mug – perfect for your coffee-swilling shutterbug $24; 2. Compost Cookies – because you had your first one with him $10 for 6; 3. The Essential New York Times Cookbook — because he’s the best chef you know $23; 4. Andy Warhol Mouse – because he’s your mouse $24; 5. Bonnie/Clyde Wood Sunglasses — because he’s a true original $95   6. Paul Smith Mini Cooper Langar Hall Cufflinks — because they’ll make him smile $107]



Christmas gifts for guys; what to get my husband for Christmas; what to get my dad for Christmas; what should i get my brother for Christmas; Christmas gifts for guys; Christmas gifts for men


[1. Crosley 1950’s Pay Phone — because he’s old school at heart $89; 2. J.Crew Fair Isle Cardigan – because he’s your snow bunny $178; 3. J.Crew Bowery Messenger Bag — because he deserves better than the standard issue black bag and this one’s Mr. McHotty Pants $98; 4. Metrokane 6200 Electric Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener — because it’s so nice of you to make his life easier and gets you faster access to those mean reds — $45;  5. Intersection Magazine – a truly stylish car mag as an antidote to his truly unstylish car mags $10 for one year]

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