Let us be clear: If you’re a Gwyneth hater, you can stop reading now. If however, you’re a fan, keep those eyes moving from left to right.
We happen to be fans of the actress — her movies, her style… Her style. The fact that she actually seems to make her kids a priority and isn’t out partying every night and losing custody of them (sorry Brit, we still love you, bitch).
So when we found out that GP launched a newsletter where she shares her recommendations on everything from restaurants, hotels, shopping and books to parenting and workout advice, we were intrigued.
Some haters say it’s self-indulgent. What celebrity, or Facebook or Twitter user for that matter, isn’t (guilty as charged)? We find it to be quite authentic and interesting and think it’s cool when her friends (Madonna, Mario Batali, to namedrop but a few) chime in.
Sure, many of the recommendations are pricey. But having an active fantasy life actually makes a really fun hobby in this ho-hum economy. Besides, Gwenyth shares equally inexpensive — but still fabulous — tips, too. Just last week, we made the deelish molten chocolate cakes she recommended in her Valentine’s Day newsletter. Easy, fabulous and fun.
Like any good celebrity should be.
Get GOOP here.

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