I was thrilled to be invited to the ProjectRunway.com offices recently to take a tour of the famous closet, where all the fab (and sometimes drab) frocks go after they’ve made their TV debuts, but before they go to their new homes. {Wanna adopt a frock? Bid in the Project Runway auction! Like Rachel Zoe, whose new Bravo show I can’t wait to sink my sweet teeth into, I am dying to get my hands on Korto’s mod seatbelt coat and will be bidding my socks off.}
It was so fun to play dress up with the actual designs and to see the frayed, unfinished hems and, surprise surprise, often perfect hems. It was also so interesting to see the difference between how a piece played on TV versus in person.

For example, Daniel and Kelli’s losing design was actually really well-made in person and left me feeling like maybe the wrong people were sent home. The bustier top just needed to be a few inches longer and Wendy Healy would mos def be strutting her stuff in it.
Terri and Suede’s ensemble (see the first photo above) was so amazingly well constructed I would have pulled a Laura Bennett and accused them of outside help if the cameras didn’t follow them 24/7. Ditto Blayne and Leanne’s Old Navy-inspired shorts-and-top number. Boring as it may be, it was well made.

Other than feeling incredibly lucky to be able play dress up with the designs in person, it left me pondering what’s most important in a Project Runway winner. Are we looking for America’s next top seamstress (if so, Terri would win hands down) or America’s next top designer?
While I think it’s incredibly beneficial to be able to make your vision a reality, I don’t think it’s necessary to be able to craft the piece yourself. After all, we look to Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson and Carolina Herrera not for their superior sewing skills, but for their unique points of view and visions. Perhaps it’s time to alter how Project Runway is set up?
If being able to sew weren’t a show requirement, think of the flood of talent that would open the doors for. Maybe then the winners would go on to bigger and better things post-show (none have yet to capitalize on their success on the show). Then again, it could open up a whole new can of posers. I suppose it’s a tough balance to find. What do you think? Let us know on our kellygolightly Facebook page!

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