Despite sleeping more than half the weekend away since returning from our trip to Europe, we’re still feeling like we can barely lift our heads up. Le sigh. Post-vacay letdown? Jet lag? The incessant banging of construction workers mixed with Tejano music coming from our neighbor’s roof? Time to up the meds — and the cupcakes?
Who knows.
All we do know is we’re in total need of a pick-me-up and sense that you are too.
Helping to lift our spirits and hopefully yours?
Studio Violet, the fab new collab between Sweden-based artists Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker.
Featuring the sweetest drawings and prints (we are so in love with Katta) on posters, postcards and journals, the best part is you can lift your spirits for less than $25.
We highly recommend scoring the six-pack of postcards for just $11 before they sell out. Frame and hang in your entryway for an instant upper (how can you not smile when greeted by Katta and friends)?
Get happy here.

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