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Darlings, I wanted to share a few snaps with you from our most recent trip to the desert, where Le Hubs (a.k.a. Blue Sky Homes) is building another amazing modern home in the Joshua Tree area. Can you imagine getting to wake up to this every day?



This is the actual home they are building out of steel. It was crazy to see how quickly the house came together, like an Erector set! There’s even a blog to follow the progress if you’re into that sort of thing, you know modern architecture in amazeball settings.



This will be the view from the lucky owner’s dining room, a super stylish Canadian who could be James Spader’s twin. Oh, just another day of picnicking amongst the giant rocks and landscape you’d find in Joshua Tree National Park. No biggie. Yes. I am jealous.


yucca valley; mojave desert, joshua tree; mojave sands hotel; blue sky homes; rock reach


This is what I wore to the construction site. Yes, I got laughed at. But hey, it matched my hard hat!


mojave sands joshua tree


Okay, not really. But the press was there, and I wanted to look cute.


mojave sands joshua tree


Because they were obviously there to photograph me, right? Oh. My bad.


mojave sands motel


On this visit, until Rock Reach House became available (the BEST place to stay in the desert if you can book it), we holed up at the under-the-radar newly redone Mojave Sands motel, which reminded me quite a bit of the Thunderbird in Marfa.



The quirky-cool rustic-modern rooms even included vintage record players and typewriters (on which I typed love letters to K on Valentine’s Day).



We played Johnny Cash records and a little Stevie Wonder too.


yucca valley; mojave desert, joshua tree; mojave sands hotel; blue sky homes; rock reach


Another highlight of the trip, in addition to seeing a huge falling star, a giant moonbow, oh, and building a house? We saw FIVE rainbows in ONE day (all within two hours actually!). We even saw a double rainbow. OMG a double rainbow! Whoooooa!



Just as sweet? Seeing this sign at Pappy and Harriet’s on our last night in the desert. Right when we really needed it. Do you follow your heart? I hope so. Thanks for coming along and letting me share xx!

[Photos by kellygolightly]

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