gypsy 05 grammy style studio loa designer; los angeles designers


My loves, I had the pleasure of visiting the GRAMMY Style Studio this week and wanted to bring you along and give you a preview of what may be popping up on the GRAMMY red carpet! The GRAMMY Style Studio is where stylists go to find their celebrity clients pieces to wear to the GRAMMY Awards. It’s an exciting whirlwind of designers, celebrities and media, from bloggers to TV interviewers and all the glossy editors in between. And it’s really to fun to see the collections and guess which star will be wearing what. Let’s play stylist, shall we?



gypsy 05 grammy style studio loa designer; los angeles designers


One of the highlights was the line Gypsy 05. It’s quintessential LA, with beachy, breezy dresses. I love the pink maxi dress on the left (can’t you see Taylor Swift donning it?). Also a highlight? The amazing views! The GRAMMY Style Studio is on the 51st floor of a skyscraper in downtown LA, and with floor-to-ceiling windows, I had a hard time staying focused and not just photographing the city below. Speaking of fabulous distractions, how incredible are these chairs? Kelly Wearstler and I would have a marvelous tea party with these (call me, Kelly!).


la designer brian lichtenberg; grammy style studio; kim kardashian fashionl rhinana fashion


Next, let’s check out designer Brian Lichtenberg’s collection.  Oooh, lots of sparkle and edge. Just perfect for Rihanna or a Kardashian, who apparently do wonders for his business.



Yes, I can certainly see Rihanna  or Kim K — or any Kardashian for that matter — in one of these curve-hugging mini-dresses. You too?


brian lichtenberg grammy style studio


Here’s the designer himself showing off a few of his show-stopping pieces. He calls these fur-covered heels “shoebaccas” (a play on Chewbacca) and this mirrored jacket was a huge hit.




Everyone agreed it was perfect for Rhianna. Will she wear it? We’ll just have to wait and see. What’s so fun about the GRAMMYs is that the fashion isn’t just pretty (and safe), it’s much more adventurous and cutting-edge. The goal is to make a statement and that statement should be “I am not boring!”


shoebaccas brian lichtenberg



Lady Gaga, these shoebaccas are for you. Would you prefer the lighter or darker pair to go with your meat dress? Lighter, for sure, I concur!



lisa michelle grammy style dtusio; lisamichelle romper amber rose


Here is the delightfully sweet designer Lisa Felsenthal of the line Lisamichelle. She’s holding up the pink romper I swooned over and could totally see Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry in. So color me surprised to find out that Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose, had chosen it. The GRAMMYs, always a surprise!



Lisamichelle also makes these darling belts. Who’s adorable and in music who would be perfect in something like this?



Justin Bieber, perhaps? I jest (but he does have his own line of nail polish for Pete’s sake!). Speaking of crazy, do you know who’s up for Best Pop Vocal Album? Hold on to your hats. Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and Katy Perry. Um, what?! I wonder who thinks they’re being punk’d more.



I thought this coat dress was really pretty too and have a big crush on long-sleeved dresses right now. I could totally see J.Lo surprising us with something covered up, but still sexy, like this.  J.Lo, have your people call my people.


la fashion designer alana hale; grammy style studio


I also loved the color palette and pieces by new designer Alana Hale (she’s only 22!).



Isn’t this dress so pretty? Again, I could see Taylor Swift in a number like this. Or maybe even Jennifer Lopez, as she often gravitates towards sweet-chic pieces.



Hmm, who could pull this off? Ponder that while we hop on over to the next designer…


fashion designer llyod klein; grammy style studio


Parisian designer Llyod Klein was full of show-stopping gowns and accessories, from the gorgeous to the outrageous. This ivory gown would be pretty on Faith Hill. Or maybe even Lea Michele.



Who can you see in this?



How about in this and this? Will Helena Bonham Carter be at the GRAMMYs? And Taylor Swift is totally mind-stalking me (I can totally envision her in this sequin frock!).



Um, how about in this? Someone with Lady Gaga-sized cojones, that’s for sure! Steven Tyler, maybe? Or Ryan Seacrest! Well my dears, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for coming along! It will be fun to tune in to the GRAMMYs on Sunday to see who wears what. And be sure to join me back here on Monday to vote on Best Dressed!


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