Do You Feel Pretty? Weigh in over on the blog... #kellygolightly #yellowdoors #palmsprings #yellowdoor #sunshineahead

A few days ago I was kvetching to Fred Baby about feeling gross. You know those days you feel bloaty and uncomfortable in your own skin? After he accused me of having body dysmorphia, he brought up a good Q…

Yellow Door Palm Springs with Kelly Golightly

Is it better to be pretty but not feel pretty?

Or is it better to not be pretty but feel pretty?

Do You Feel Pretty? Weigh in over on the blog... #kellygolightly #yellowdoors #palmsprings #yellowdoor

I answered Option #2:

To feel pretty, even if you’re aren’t. Because all that matter is what you feel and perceive anyway, so if you feel pretty, you are. Right?

Do You Feel Pretty? Weigh in over on the blog... #kellygolightly #yellowdoors #palmsprings #yellowdoor #sunshineahead

So imagine my surprise when the very next day, this preview for the new Amy Schumer movie I Feel Pretty popped up.

Yellow Doors of Palm Springs | Photo by Kelly Golightly + Fred Moser

It also reminds me of a funny moment my college roommate and I once shared and still laugh about ’til this day. She came into my room, as I sat before a mirror, no makeup, hair looking like Kramer’s from Seinfeld, in a raggedy tshirt, teeth unbrushed, and I said “I feel sorry for all of the other girls.”

Maybe you had to be there, but let’s just say I was a HOT MESS.

While I know beauty is a much deeper thing and discussion, I think we all have those thoughts on if we feel pretty or not. It’s surface to be sure. And if I’m being honest, I waver between two extremes most days: Feeling hideous and feeling like I look way better in my mind than I actually do in person.

I’d love to know:

Do you feel pretty?

And which do you think is better:

Being pretty, but not feeling pretty? Or not being “pretty” but feeling pretty?

p.s. #PSILOVEYELLOW kicks off today! And I think we can all agree, this yellow door is pretty!

Join in the color love by sharing your yellow photos over on Instagram with the hashtags:

#psiloveyellow and #psilovehue

p.p.s. Have you been watching the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Talk about how important it is to feel good about yourself and how that translates to the outside. Next to This Is Us, I’m not sure I’ve been more moved by a TV show in ages.


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