Favorite Father's Day Gifts Ever

Father’s Day is next weekend, so I wanted to share the two gifts my Dad raves about the most. One is (practically) free and sentimental and the other is under $20 and practical.

My Dad’s Two Favorite Gifts:

#1: This Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush! He’s told me a million times how much he loves this thing. So much so that I ended up getting one for Fred Baby too, who also LOVES it. Apparently cleaning a grill is a total pain, but this makes it a cinch. Guys and their gadgets. Last year this baby was like 3x the price, so it’s a steal at under $20.

#2: A heartfelt letter (or in my case, a blog post). I wrote this for Father’s Day and posted it on my blog. My Dad loved it so much, he asked for it to be printed and framed, which I then gave him for his birthday, which is just a week after Father’s Day. It now hangs on his bedroom wall, and every time I’m home to visit, he takes me over to it and tells me how much it means to him. You could write a letter and include pictures and then have it framed. Framebridge is fast and easy for framing! Heads up: Deadline is this Sunday, June 11th for Father’s Day orders.

(Sidenote: I thought this post was from a year or two ago, but it’s from FOUR years ago. Time flies. I also can’t believe I now have my own real-life Barbie dream house, minus the elevator. 😉 Also I still can’t manage to feed myself – ha!) 

Shopping for guys is always a challenge, so I hope this helps!

Speaking of help: Do you have any gifts that your Dad/Hubby has loved over the years? Please share in the comments! I need some help!

Photo: My Dad who played Leave It To Beaver. 😉


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