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Cupcake trucks. Korean taco trucks. The Food Shark. My love is here to stay. But a fashion truck — and a vintage double decker at that — serving up vintage dresses? You had me at beep beep. Lodekka is a double-decker dress shop on wheels in Portland, Oregon and I want to go to there. You too?


lodekka truck portland oregon; lodekka vintage dress shopping on wheels


After being laid off from her job, shop owner Erin Sutherland bought the British double-decker bus that used to cart people around Liverpool in the ’70s for $4500 from someone in Springfield, Oregon and renovated the bus by herself. You can read all about it here. Retail is a tough, tough biz, so why not cut the overhead of bricks and mortar rent with a more mobile option?


lodekka bus


Isn’t it just the cutest bus? You can see more photos here.


lodekka double decker dress shop portland oregon shopping


I love this concept of deals on wheels (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and creative ventures coming out of the bad economy. How about you? Would you love to shop on a double-decker bus?

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