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It’s funny. In Palm Springs, it’s pretty much summer year-round, but even here there’s been a subtle but perceptible shift since Memorial Day that summer has arrived. And it’s not just that we’ve finally reached triple digits. There’s a feeling in the air, in the light, in the smell… which means one thing when it’s time to get dressed: easy colorful dresses!


Kelly Golightly Triada Palm Springs | Photo by Kim Genevieve


And, it makes me so excited for my favorite season.




When everything and everyone relaxes. And, the focus is on enjoying the day and not being tied to your desk. When you stop to smell the roses, or the oleander as the case may be.

Update: Apparently it is NOT safe to touch oleander, so don’t do what I did. haha


Kelly Lee by Kim Genevieve


School’s out for the summer.


Palm Springs Prints


Both figuratively and literally. Businesses have shortened summer hours, even shutting down for months at a time.




In the summer, who can be bothered with fussy dressing? I live in and live for easy dresses you can just toss on and go. Add sandals, sunnies and a giant hat and you’re set.

Are you excited for summer too and warm-weather dressing? What do you like to wear in the summer? If printed dresses or easy colorful dresses are you jam, I’ve linked a few favorites below.


Shop Easy Colorful Dresses


Photos by Kim Genevieve

p.s. The Little White Dress + Gingham Style.

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