easter in san francisco

easter in san francisco


Good morning, darlings! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We’re back from South America and no sooner landed in Los Angeles and were on our way up to San Francisco to celebrate Easter with family. I thought I’d share a few highlights from Easter weekend to kick off the week. I hope you enjoy and I’m so happy to be back so we can catch up. I’ve truly missed you.

Above: Easter brunch in my sister-in-law’s garden. She made insanely delicious Eggs Benedict; I was in charge of table decorations, hence the Peeps-on-a-stick centerpiece! (Remember these cupcakes on a stick?); We drank too much champagne and ate too many jelly beans and soaked up the sunshine — it was perfect.


How to make an Easter Bunny cake


We also dyed Easter eggs and I was surprised when my S-I-L made two simple incisions into her round carrot cake and created this bunny cake (a trick she learned from my M-I-L)! I was in charge of decorating Sir Hopsalot with lemon cream cheese frosting and Easter candies. It was so much fun, I’m already brainstorming what he can wear next year…


living wall san francisco patrick blanc; lyon street steps cherry blossoms san francisco, best views in san francisco

living wall san francisco patrick blanc; lyon street steps cherry blossoms san francisco, best views in san francisco


After a much needed champagne nap, we went on a little neighborhood walk around Pacific Heights. The views from the Lyon Street Steps are some of the best in the city, and in the years since we lived here, they’ve added rows and rows of cherry blossom trees, which make it that much more breathtaking. (Yes, these are the same stairs that I used to climb when I was attempting to get into shape, and in which I was famously passed on the stairs by a miniature dachshund. Touche, hot dog, touche.)

We also walked by the Full House house (Cut. It. Out.), and Patrick Blanc’s Living Wall. We ended the night at our favorite restaurant in the world, Gamine, a tiny neighborhood French bistro that serves up the best burgers you’ve ever tasted.

easter in san francisco

easter in san francisco


Over the weekend, we were so lucky to have friends generously invite us over for amazing meals at their homes. While I didn’t get photos of our first dinner in town (Maryland crab cakes and burrata – my fave), I did happen to snap a photo of our friends’ gorgeous Easter garden (I have major house and garden envy!).

The next night, our friend (who also officiated our wedding!) made an Easter dinner feast, which included lamb, salad, purple potatoes and these bright pea pesto crostini (which felt so perfect for the spring-y occasion). He also made homemade ice cream. Flavors included Aztec Chocolate, Coffee, and Malted Milk (with Whoppers!). It was by far the best ice cream I’ve ever had, so much so that we’re trying to convince him to sell it. And I’m voting for him to name the company Surpricecream. (Surprisecream?) p.s. The oatmeal is from La Boulange – the healthiest thing I’ve had in ages. Delicious, too!

It was a wonderful Easter weekend and now I’m off to walk (and shop) it off xx!



[All photos by BussBuss and created with Instagram, which was just bought by Facebook for $1 billion. (!!!) I’ve been saying that Instagram is the new Facebook (and Twitter) for awhile now (someone feel free to reimburse me for that trend forecasting knowledge ;)). But one billion dollars (she says with her pinky to her lip), wowzers. My next Facebook acquisition prediction: Pinterest! You’re welcome, America.]


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