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We have a ton of tiny prints, but love large-scale art. Large-scale art, however, tends to be super expensive, so months ago, I purchased some Groupon-like deals that let you print your photos on large canvases. We haven’t used them yet, but after seeing these cloud photos, I’m dying to.



Stunning, right? (And apparently it’s just a blown-up poster that cost $30, then an extra $30 for the frame from Ikea! I just blew up a photo that I made K for our anniversary into a smaller poster — I’ll have to share that with you soon…) We have some great photos from White Sands and Marfa that would be just perfect. And speaking of perfect, this room. Such ideal inspiration for our sad, neglected, currently empty “tea room.” Cozy, but modern with a relaxed desert vibe. And I think it could actually work with our place, which has lots of Moroccan arches.



The room belongs to Amber and was inspired by this famous photo (above). I believe that’s a Massimo Vitali print. Love. I actually snapped a photo north of San Francisco awhile back that looks very similar. Perhaps it will get blown up too… I feel a new addiction coming on! At least this one won’t make me not fit into my jeans (whew).



Speaking of, I also love the idea of blowing up some of our (billion+) food photos. I love these perfectly messy, colorful ones — the after-photos of a great meal. What do you think? Are you ready to go big at home? What photo(s) would you use?


[Photo credits: 1, 2 and 3: Amber Interiors via Cup of Jo; 4. Laurie Joliet]


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