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Are you a millionaire? Or a billionaire? Me either. Yet. (If you are the aforementioned, mazel!) But it’s important for a girl to have a plan once she has more money than Oprah. Other than contributing to world peace and such. To dream without boundaries, so to speak…sartorially. What I’m dreaming about?

Prancing about my penthouse in one of these Katie Ermilio dresses. Or all of them. Why limit myself? The bottom right cocktail dress is so Audrey I could scream with delight and the top left gown looks so Grace Kelly, don’t you think? Which kind of makes sense, as Katie Ermilo is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier. They’re currently in the $2000$3000+ range, which is just a smidge more than I’m looking to spend on my next party dress, but if you’re in the market to splurge…perhaps you’re getting married, or accepting an Oscar, or are the aforementioned billionaire (hello, Oprah, long time no talk!), then you must, must, must share you wearing one of these beauties on Instagram or such.

Until then, I’ll continue my sartorial daydreaming…which brings up a great question: What do you dream of wearing, fashion-wise? 


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