Where to find new and vintage genie bottles. #geniebottles #geniejars #blenkoglass #muranoglass #joecariati #jonathanadler

Happy Friday color-lovers! What are you up to this weekend? In between photo shoots and watching ALL OF THE SHOWS (thanks for your recs!), we’ll hopefully be catching up with friends and maybe doing a little vintage shopping. One of my favorite things to hunt for is genie bottles. While there are a few great spots in Palm Springs to find them, I wanted to round up where you can find them online, in case you can’t get out to the desert any time soon. Enjoy!

I Dream of Genie Bottles: Where to find vintage genie bottles. #geniebottles #blenko #blenkoglass #glassvases

I love a good collection of genie jars. Last weekend, I spotted these beauties at an open house at Skye Palm Springs. If I had been wearing a coat, I probably would have tried to smuggle them out in said coat. But alas, it was 118 degrees out and I was only wearing a cover-up. Dreams thwarted.

Where to find vintage Blenko glass genie bottles and genie jars.

Fret not. I chose to not get thrown in jail and to instead share where you can find these beauties online, in case you dream of genie bottles too.

Where to find Blenko glass bottles, genie bottles and genie jars.

Many of the vintage genie bottles are Blenko glass decanters. Others are Italian Empoli glass or Murano glass genie bottles.

Joe Cariati Genie Bottles in the Glam Cave designed by Kelly Golightly

Or, if you’re looking for new ones and are in the mood to splurge, enjoy the candy-colored world of Joe Cariati. Le swoon!

Prices for genie bottles can range anywhere from about $30 to over $1000. Quite the spread. But as Lin-Manuel Miranda says: Love is love is love.

Do you have a favorite?



p.s. You can find the Press for Champagne button here (it actually rings!), the custom name hat here, the pink door print here (framed here), and a similar orange lacquered tray here + here.

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