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Best. News. Ever. You know how we all mourned the loss of Domino magazine when the mag shut its doors? And all we had left was the website, which was filled with amazing photos and inspiration? And then THAT also went away? Well, praise the style gods, the Domino archives are being revived on the newly relaunched! editor-in-chief hero and genius Julie Raimondi says:


Domino Magazine Revived at!

“I’m also thrilled to announce that has been granted access to all of the stories from the late, great Domino magazine. It was my favorite magazine, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to turn its pages into a digital archive for our users. We have a number of Domino stories now, but will be adding more and more in the weeks and months to come, so keep checking back.”


Domino Magazine Revived!


You can view Domino stories like How to Decorate a (Very) Small Apartment and How To Control Your Clutter here.


Domino's Back!


And, if you’re on the prowl for more beautiful Domino photos, check out Coco+Kelley’s flickr group, The Domino Magazine Files, which is chock-full of stunning scanned images that will you have swooning and dreaming of pretty spaces.


Domino Magazine


Now, if MSLO would only relaunch Blueprint, we’d all be in heaven (pretty please?).

[Via Coco+Kelley and shelter pop; Last image via The Domino Magazine Files; all others via]

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