Can I get some props for that title? Holla. Lately I’ve been a girl on the go, running around Tinseltown from one event to the next (which, admittedly, has been loads of fun and fills the very empty void that I’ve felt since losing my daytime BFF, Oprah). So when the lovelies at Degree Women invited me to a VIP event that would give not only me, but YOU dearest readers, the chance to win amazing prizes, I said sign me up!



Especially when they were sending a fancy car to pick me up. (Of course, glamour girl that I am, I was wearing gym clothes and, due to a horrendous cold, coughed up a lung and a half for our 45 minute-drive – my poor driver.)


pop physique silver lake


The event was held at PopPhysique, a cool exercise studio in hipster-laden Silver Lake. We tested out Degree’s new deodorant with MotionSense technology during a hard-core Zumba class. Have you ever Zumba’d? Oh my. The dance-based exercise class is a blast, though it quickly had me realizing I was no Beyonce. It was still fun trying.

degree deodorant clinical protection motionsense technology

I couldn’t believe how well the deodorant worked – I had gotten a major workout, but felt fresh as a daisy after class. I thought maybe it was fluke, so have been wearing the Degree Women Clinical Protection MotionSense Antiperspirant & Deodorant icon (in the Fresh Energy scent) every day for over a week. I am in love. It’s the best deodorant I have ever used and, like many, I’m not one to change my ways when it comes to beauty routines, so that is saying a lot. With summer temps heating up by the day, I highly recommend it (it’s $5.99 online).


forage la


Moving on… After class, we feasted on delicious and healthy treats from Forage and were gifted Marc Jacobs totes full of Degree, as well as info on Degree’s new Facebook app Get into the Move. This is the part that has to do with YOU winning amazing free prizes, so stay with me.



The free app lets you earn motionMILES and gives you a chance to win free prizes for the ways you already move – whether it’s running errands or running marathons. The more miles you earn, the more chances for free prizes and the prizes are really good, as in free Manolo Blahniks and free tropical vacations to Hawaii and Costa Rica kinda good.



To get you started, sign up on the Degree Women Facebook page here and use this unique VIP code GetMoving059 to get a bonus 5 miles! With 5 miles, you can start playing the ‘spin the wheel’ instant win and enter into the weekly sweepstakes. Good luck darlings, I hope you win!


p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, the more of you who sign up with my VIP code, the greater my chances of winning a spa vacay to Sedona. Let’s see if we can make this a win-win (and if you do end up winning a prize, be sure to let me know — and take me on vacation with you!).

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