do you believe in signs? do you believe in luck?


Do you believe in signs? In luck? I’m definitely one who knocks on wood and counts my lucky stars multiple times a day (in no small part because I don’t want to jinx things – eesh, I hope I’m not doing that now!).

A friend recently mentioned animal totems, which I had never heard of.  Have you? Another friend has recently been spotting coyotes, randomly, dancing in the middle of the night (and no, she’s not smoking anything!). And when she learned that coyotes could be her spirit animal, it made a lot of sense to her. Another friend spots rats at times of change. Hmmm. I have no idea what my spirit animal is (I hope it’s an elephant, they’re so cute!), but I’m always wondering what the universe is trying to tell me.

Though at times that can be tricky. As you know, we recently moved into a new house and it’s basically done everything it can to try to get us to leave. Should we listen? I think it was Oprah (yes, I’m quoting O) who said something like: “First the universe whispers, then it knocks, then it shouts, then you get a brick.”

Am I being knocked over the head with a brick?  I don’t know… But I wonder: Do you believe in signs? In luck? I’m so curious…



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