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How To Make a DIY Pinata for a Pool Party

I’m back from our Italian adventure and while I can’t wait to share vacation photos with you, first I want to share our Pool Party Piñata from our Flamingo Fiesta in case you’d like to add one to your pool party decor. See how to craft a DIY Pool Party Pinata of your own!


how to make a piñata


Here’s how to make it rain bikinis and flamingos…


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LSpace swimsuitsMiniatures flamingos / Piñata by Miss Kris


DIY Pinata for a Pool Party

First, it pays to be friends with talented people.

My dear friend Miss Kris had just made this amazing DIY Glam Piñata that rained jewelry and she kindly offered to help me make one for our pool party (and by help, I mean she did it all…thank you Miss Kris!).

Instead of jewels, we filled it with L*Space bikinis and miniature flamingos to go with our Flamingo Fiesta pool party theme.

To make your own, get the full DIY instructions here.



Now tell me…

Have you ever made a pinata if your own? Are you more DIY or BUY?

Photos by Fred Baby


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