Was I the last to notice that you can no longer buy Umbros? You remember, those ubiquitous gym shorts of our high school years. I mean I haven’t been looking for them since, well high school, so maybe this is really, really old news. Or maybe you can buy them and I just can’t online. But I was recently asked by my beloved if I could order some for him online. Sounded easy enough and fun enough for me! What I thought would be a quick check on Google soon turned into recruiting the help of friends. Upon my lovely friend’s stealth research, she came across this: UMBRO HAS CLOSED THEIR USA OPERATIONS. Is this because of the war? Does anybody know? Riddle me that!
Anyway, I sadly don’t have much time to write as there’s still so much to do on the site. Plus I have to eat and watch ‘The Bachelor.’ Before I go, here’s a quick update on my sugar addiction: Still addicted.
Just kidding. Well, I am still addicted, but I haven’t had any ice cream yet and it’s after 10pm. Sure I woke up at noon again, and sure I got right on the computer and didn’t eat lunch til 4, but so what. It still counts. Now that berry tart and chocolate almond croissant I had at La Madeleine as a pre-dinner snack, that might count. But it’s not ice cream so I’m not sure. But it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it?
Okay, dinner time. We’ll see if I indulge in dessert, but only time will tell. (Somebody help me!!!!!!)

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