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My dears, is it me or do these weeks just go faster and faster? The upside? Daylight Savings time starts next weekend (March 13th to be exact, not that I’m counting down on my Audrey Hepburn calendar or anything). Translation = It will soon be staying lighter longer! Can I get a hallelujah? No more getting home after dark. Lingering al fresco dinners on warm summer nights will be here before we know it. Picnics in the park, outdoor concerts, ice cream three times a day (or, is that just moi?)…


slim aarons pool


Until then, what are your plans for this weekend? My recent party girl lifestyle has me totally zonked (six parties in nine days, who am I and what did you do with the girl with the laptop on the couch?). So, I will either by happily lounging at home in my pajamas or happily be lounging by the pool of The Parker or The Viceroy in Palm Springs (a makeup for getting totally sick on our five-year anniversary and having to take a raincheck). Either way, as long as lounging is on the agenda (and heels are not), I’ll be one happy clam. Paris Hilton I, obviously, am not (whew).


poolside slim aarons


Wishing you warm thoughts wherever you’ll be living and loving (and lounging) this weekend. And, this week’s highlights:

Mila Kunis got your vote for Oscar’s best dressed

Closely followed by Camila and Cate

Rebecaa Minkoff’s new shoes are just as cool as her bags.

Erin Fetherston officially became my favorite designer.

Anne Hathaway has me coveting a lady tux. You too?

Secrets From a Stylist’s Emily Henderson is just as adorable in person as on TV.

QVC’s red carpet Oscar party was a wet and wild blast.


Calgon take me away!










[ Top photo by Andrew Durham; bottom two by Slim Aarons ]

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