Growing up — and even until this day — any time we would go to the movies, my Dad would always lean over and whisper, after the previews, This is it.


cool beach towels and hanging red sunglasses

Cool Beach Towels

I’m not sure how or why this started (I can guess it was a necessary reminder to me and my sister when we were little that it was time to be quiet and pay attention), but ’til this day, it’s still whispered always with a wry smile and what once induced eye-rolls, now makes me laugh.

cool beach towels and red sunglasses

I thought of it just now, when I saw the date pop up on my screen: July 29, 2016. WHOA. How is it nearly August already? Despite it being 110 degrees outside, I still don’t feel like summer has even started. Perhaps it’s the health stuff, or the move, or maybe it’s just part of adulting, but I haven’t had that carefree summer feeling yet. Have you? No time to make a summer wishlist, let alone live it.

But I can’t help but think to myself THIS IS IT. Summer is now. Life is now. So, on that note, I’m stepping away from the device and sinking into the pool. Because, friends, This is it.



p.s. I plan to fill this retro bullet planter with ice and lots of Pellegrino. Also how cute is this Clare V. beach towel? I linked to it and more cute beach towels as well as vintage red sunglasses above.

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