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How was your weekend, darling pies? Mine was spent under the weather (weather that was dreary and rainy, which, at least, fit the mood), so when not curled up and passed out on the couch, I was peeking through design books, pondering how I’d like to decorate my office. I’ve decided life’s too short not to just go for it, so my lusting for an office that is girly and glamorous, champagne and lollypops, shall be brought to fruition. May the force be with me. Think Valley of the Dolls meets Happy Chic meets Modern Glamour. I’m envisioning quirky animal prints and even animal heads (not real ones, of course – we save those for the bedroom! — but I’m a sucker for anything black and white, so this zebra had me at ‘hello Wiiilbur’).



Seeing as I’m always cold, I want a space that feels warm, both literally and metaphorically (metaphorically?). The pink walls here are just the ticket. I’ve never had pink walls in my life, but I’m always drawn to them. So what if they’re meant for a little girl’s bedroom? I’m a girl. And I’m little. Most days.



A white laquer desk is a must (sorry bland Ikea blonde “wood” desk, it’s time for us to say buhbye), as are bookshelves filled with pretty fashion aand design books and lots of framed black and white photos.



And pretty boxes and accessories… A sparkly chandelier, some metallic accents, vintage barware and a typewriter… If you believe it, you can achieve it. Right, Oprah? I’ll post more as this dream progresses (hopefully) into reality… But until then, what does your dream office look like? I’d love to know…

{photos by Lonny and Adore}

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