We love Halloween — hello, an entire holiday dedicated to candy and playing dress up — but we always wait until the very last minute, get lazy and end up not really doing a darn thing. You too? We’ve stirred our creative juices to come up with cheap, easy Halloween costumes you can (mostly) create from what you have at home, without having to be crafty or visit a costume shop. Some like it hot… we like it easy. Happy trick or treating!


creative inexpensive halloween costumes


You’re bound to see a zoo of Snookis this Halloween. How to one-up them all? Become a Black and White Snooki! Rock a tight black mini, a white tank, your most scandalous heels and, of course, the real essentials — Bumpits and tan in a can. Orange ya glad you’re a Black and White Snooki? No? Add a pair of Booty Pop padded panties and, instead, you’re Kim Kardashian (or Khloe — who can tell the difference?).

[skirt; tank; heels; bumpits; spray tan]

easy halloween costumes; last-minute halloween costumes

Everyone’s got a white dress and likely white shoes (if not, visit your local vintage store or Salvation Army). Add a cute shower cap (or a free one from your most recent hotel stay — we won’t tell!), a bath scrubbie and voila, you’re a Bridal Shower. Bonus: You can go bridezilla on everyone all night long!

[dress; shoes; scrubbie; shower cap]


easy halloween costume ideas; last minute halloween costume ideas

We may write about fashion and what to wear all day, but most of us fashion bloggers are doing it in our jammies. Wanna be a Fashion Blogger for Halloween? Grab your cutest PJs, add your highest heels, toss on some glasses for geek-chic and don’t forget your iPad or laptop!

[pajamas; pumps; iPad; frames]


easy halloween costume ideasHave a gold top, gold leggings and gold shoes? Then you’re golden. And you have choices. Tell people you’re Solid Gold. Or, tell them you’re a Golden Girl (Betty White’s on fire these days). Or run around like a chicken with your cabeza cut off and you’re a Gold Rush. Yes, we like puns and we hope you do too.

[top; leggings; shoes]



easy halloween costumes for the lazy; last-minute halloween costume ideas; what to be for halloween



Got a giant bow or some ribbon? Great. Grab a Halloween bag (or heck, any bag will do), fill it up with your favorite treats (candy or those mini liquor bottles if you wanna be the most popular NKOTB), distribute generously and abracadabra, you’re The Gift That Keeps on Giving. Not one for sharing? Ditch the bag o’ treats and wow folks with your best (or worst) talent (the splits, shoving your fist in your mouth, or singing like Xtina Aguilera). Boo-yeah, you’re Gifted & Talented.

[bow; pumpkin]


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A cute twist on the already darling bunny? The Love Bunny. Slip into a white shirt and leggings (grey works too), pick up (or DIY) some bunny ears, toss on your Lolita heart sunnies and all that’s left is to get some tail. For that, we recommend drugstore cotton balls and a hot glue gun. Hand out hugs freely. Charmed they’ll be, we’re sure.

[top; bottoms; ears; glasses; cotton balls]


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What will YOU be for Halloween? Share in the comments!

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