Discovery Channel has Shark Week, but as Mark Twain never said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” so kellygolightly is kicking off Sweater Week. For our own selfish needs. Hoping those of you prone to chills even in 90-degree weather (like us) will enjoy.
The hunt for cashmere that won’t break the bank has become something of a competitive sport here at kellygolightly HQ (thank goodness, as it’s the only cardio we’re getting these days — we’re too cold to do anything else).
Sure, Old Navy had some good cashmere sweaters last year that were scooped up faster than Manolos at a sample sale. But unless you’re lucky enough to live by an Uniqlo, where you can find some cashmere sweaters in the $60 range, scoring cashmere that’s affordable is about as easy as looking like someone on The Sartorialist, which is to say easy in theory, but much harder in execution.
Luckily though, we were in the frame of mind of bringing sexy back and remembered our unfairly hot friends at Victoria’s Secret.
The real secret? Skip the bras and panties (all of young Hollywood does!) and head straight for the sweater section, where you can acquire ivy league-esque silk and cashmere boyfriend cardigans for a mere $29.
Keep the look Mary Kate-grunge by wearing an American Apparel tee underneath or go for a more polished look, a la Blair Waldorf, with a white button-down and belt your lovely concoction at the waist.
More styles, including turtlenecks and v-necks, in a slew of colors await.
Take a peek!

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