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[The Hatter Co. Hat; ASOS Sunglasses; H&M Coat; Zara Top; AE Jeggings; Loomstate for Keds]


My dears, would like to come along on a field trip with me? Great, let’s get started! Remember, even though it’s a brisk 65 degrees out, the sun is strong. Throw on some sunscreen, or a hat! What? You’re hungry already? Great, me too! Let’s dine alfresco on waffles, pancakes and the best hashbrowns ever at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House — it’s pure heaven!


uncle bill's pancake house manhattan beach


Are you as full as I am? Let’s burn it off with a lovely bike ride along Manhattan Beach.



What should we wear? Oh I know, let’s channel this chic French woman the best we can, and maybe this woman too. Now we’re ready to ride!



Isn’t this a great way to spend a day in LA?  Manhattan Beach is your favorite LA beach? Mine too!  And the name of the shop we rented the bikes from, yeah, Funnbunns, is like the best name ever, right?! I can’t believe it’s only only $7/hour to have the time of our life. That’s almost less than a latte!



OMG, isn’t it the best having this dedicated path just for bikers, unlike other beach strands like Santa Monica’s and Venice’s where you must also battle share with pedestrians? It’s so peaceful and lovely. Btdubs, do you think Marissa and Ryan are making out in that life guard stand? What?! You never watched The OC? Tragic.


biking manhattan beach


I can’t wait to take our families and more friends when they come to visit! I know they’ll love it as much as we did!



OMG. Even my shadow is having a blast!



Let’s cruise south to Hermosa Beach all the way to Redondo Beach and then back, k?



What? You’re hungry again?! Guess what? Me too! Let’s drop off our bikes and skedaddle next door to the Manhattan Beach Creamery.


manhattan beach creamery; best ice cream in manhattan beach


Isn’t it gorgeous? A giant vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries and chocolate sprinkles is just what I needed to end the day. You too? Oh, you prefer the chocolate-covered banana. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody!   Thanks for coming along for the ride! Let’s do it again soon, k?

[Photos by kellygolightly]

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