For those who have been with kellygolightly for awhile, you likely already know that The Hubs and I have been homeless, or rather, “home-free,” since the end of summer. For those of you who are new (welcome – won’t you come in?), we packed our lives into a 10×20 storage unit north of San Francisco at the end of August and have been traveling the world since. We’ve roamed through olive groves in Greece, soaked up sun and style in Spain, procured pain au chocolat in Paris, gone into near diabetic shock while roaming (and nibbling on – okay, gorging on) the streets of Rome, ice skated in Central Park, swooned over Savannah, gotten scared into never having children at Disney World, driven across the U.S. twice, gone mad for Marfa and, the biggest surprise of all, have fallen in love with the desert. Head over teetering Loubies, mad for the desert.

In fact, at a time originally planned for exploring lands south of the equator, we slowly got lured in by the desert’s charms and have ended up in the mid-century mod mecca that is Palm Springs. Now we find ourselves hunting for our own little slice of the real estate pie, looking for a fixer-upper we can sink our hungry hands into. Something that needs a little TLC. Somewhere we can put our design interests (and dare I say skills — or at least years of House Hunters watching and design blog reading ) to use. Not to live in per se, but to rent out as a vacation rental — and then enjoy when we want to, as well. A huge part of the appeal? You can actually find homes with pools and palm trees and pools and, oh, did I mention pools, for less than the price of a parking space in New York or San Francisco. And did I mention it’s 80 degrees and sunny in February (sweltering flipside: it’s 120 in August)? In fact, I successfully burned one leg while laying under an umbrella today in cutoff shorts (it’s a good thing I have an odd sense of humor; otherwise I’d insist on wearing pants until that little situation amended itself).

For those of you interested in coming along on the adventure (and detours), we’ll be posting updates and inspirations in our new Behind the Buss section. Beyond travel, we’ll be sharing style snippets and snapshots, our obsessions and purchases, things we can’t live without and things on our wishlists, things that make us smile and laugh. For those of you who solely want your fix of fashion, style and fabulous shopping (and who can blame you?), simply keep enjoying The DailyBuss and Blog as is. We look forward to show and tell!




p.s. For those of you in the snow, doesn’t a cold-weather picnic sound so romantic and lovely? This insanely clever DIY picnic pack will get you ready for memory-making — and hot chocolating.

[Photos via our temporary home away from homelessness HomeAway and Design*Sponge]

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