joshua tree; hidden joshua tree; joshua tree; hidden joshua tree; where to go in joshua tree

Zara shorts (from Paris); Vintage sequin top from Screaming Mimi’s (New York); American Apparel tights; Sendra ‘Sara Clare’ boots c/o; DIY rhinestone headband; Fabulous Furs jacket


Yesterday we explored Pioneertown, today let’s frolick through Joshua Tree. But let’s take the road less traveled…



sendra sara clare boots; joshua tree; hidden joshua tree; where to go in joshua tree


With its wide open desert landscape, Joshua Tree is my favorite National Park — and the perfect spot to break in my new boots.




In previous visits, we had only followed the well-marked roads.



This time, however, we decided to get lost on the dirt roads outside of Joshua Tree to see what we could find…


joshua tree eureka peak


Eureka Peak, for starters!



It’s a little cool up here, so why don’t we put on our jackets?



joshua_tree_eureka peak


Can you believe this view? I know.



Before it gets too late (and dark!), why don’t we explore the park a little and watch the sunset through the Joshua Trees?


joshua tree by klaus moser



Amazing.  Now, let’s go back to Rock Reach where we can enjoy our very own private Joshua Tree xx!

[Photos by Klaus Moser for kellygolightly]

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