Since it seems we all will be wearing face masks for awhile, I’ve rounded up stylish and cute face masks, because why not make it fashion? I went down a rabbit hole and found so many cute Palm Springs style face masks, including banana leaf face masks, among many others. Let me know which one is your fave!

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Luckily cute face masks are popping up left and right.

Early on, I bought the Hedley & Bennett mask I’m wearing above, co-designed by our friend Dr. Bob Cho. But I read somewhere that masks should be like underwear — we should have many options.

So I’ve been doing my part by ordering more stylish face masks. That way when one is in the wash, there’s always a clean one available.

In addition, many have a giving component like Buy One, Give One. Or they are made by small businesses and independent designers and makers. So it’s nice to to be able to support them too.

And of course, I believe we should all PUT ON A MASK when we’re out and about around others.

See my first IGTV, where I participated in #MaskFashionChallenge.





My friend Sydne Summer of the blog Sydne Style launched genius face masks. In addition, the straps are adjustable like bra straps AND you can even buy face mask chains to go with them. Which makes wearing a mask so much easier. Her prices are also super affordable too. In fact, I have and love the Cherry Print Face Mask.




See many of my favorite cute face masks below, including banana leaf face masks!

Clearly, I think a banana leaf face mask is a must, hence the multiple options.

So I ordered this one on Etsy and love it.

But I also adore this Katie Kime banana leaf face mask. And would have ordered it, but it was out of stock at the time. But it’s back in stock now, so scoop it up!



Which face mask is your favorite?


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