Yippy, yippy, yippy today’s the day I finally get to share the Bachelorette Pad living room final reveal with you guys! I hope you like pink. Wink, wink. Below all the photos of the Bachelorette Pad living room and entry way. Plus, 15+ Bachelorette Pad ideas for making your place feel like home chic home.



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Sectional: Joybird Briar Sleeper Sectional c/o | Rug: Loloi Panache rug c/o | Gold Bar Cart: Frontgate c/o | Pink Balloon Art: Kim Genevieve c/o | Beach Ball Art: Kim Genevieve c/o | Pink Lamp: Target | White Table Lamp: Ashland by Hudson Valley Lighting | | White Floor Lamp: Classic No.1 by Mark D. Sikes for Hudson Valley Lighting | Face Vase: Target | Pink Elephant Pillow: Target | Just Keep Going Art Print: Katie Kime c/o | Soft Grey Wall Paint: Curator Paints 'Hackle Feather' c/o | Pink Paints: Curator Paints c/o |Clear Acrylic Coffee Table: Target | White Mongolian Fur Pillows: Frontgate c/o | Pink Pillow: Target | | Gold Double Curtain Rods: cb2 | Pink Velvet Curtains: Ikea (more options below) | Side Table: Ikea | Pink Round Velvet Ottoman: Overstock | Yellow Soho Swivel Chair: Frontgate c/o | Boxwood Topiary: Frontgate c/o

15 Bachelorette Pad Ideas

Here are over 15 Bachelorette Pad ideas for decorating your own living room in your Bachelorette Pad! Plus, Bachelorette Pad ideas, inspiration & photos!

1. Cozy Chic Sofa

Does anything scream feminine glamour like velvet? Texture is so important when you’re creating your Bachelorette Pad. I chose this Joybird sectional for the living room that is perfect for lounging on, or you know, Netflix and chilling. 😉 You 100% want a sofa that is comfortable, but that is gorgeous too. This one feels especially good against bare legs.


2. Embrace Color

Take advantage of embracing your inner goddess and having fun with color. While there are many wonderful things about being in relationship, having to compromise on color and design is not one of them. Haha. If you love pink, use pink! It’s one of the many wonderful things about being unabashedly female (not that men can’t love pink too – I love Fred Baby in pink.)


3. Throw Pillows

Again, you want to pay attention to texture when you’re creating your cozy-chic Bachelorette Pad. Faux fur pillows are my favorite – I have them at home in several rooms and use them in most every project. This pink pillow is also soft and very affordable.


4. Blankets

Along with throw pillows, blankets are the perfect place to embrace the luxurious coziness for faux fur.


5. Light It Up

Create a beautiful glow in your Bachelorette Pad with lovely lighting. You want several sources of light – as many as possible really. I used this white table lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting and this floor lamp by Mark D Sikes for Hudson Valley Lighting. The pink floor lamp is linked here. That’s three lights in one small open space living room, and doesn’t even include the big beautiful floral chandelier in the adjoining dining room, which you can see here.


6. Paint

What colors make you feel cozy and happy? Those are the ones you should surround yourself with in your Bachelorette Pad. For this project, I used Hackle Feather by Curator Paints on the wall, which is a cozy neutral gray. On the bookshelves, I used quarts of Curator Paints to create these rainbow ombre pink bookshelves, which add a whimsical touch. The colors are: Fairy Cakes , Plain + Purl, Day at the Races, Rose Mantle, Fair of Face, and Honeymoon Hiking.


7. Bookshelves

Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you feel good. Bookshelves are great for doing that with your favorite novels and coffee table books (yes, I went OCD and matched pink coffee table books to the pink shelves), but they’re also great for displaying cute knick knacks and accessories that make you smile: llama, elephant, trumpet, anyone?


8. Books

Another word on books. Coffee table books can double as art, as seen here. Think of beautiful coffee table books as art prints. I especially love this Cherry Bombe book cover and The Art of Feminism. Books can be displayed both horizontally and vertically, so mix it up!


9. Art

Speaking of art, art is so key is expressing your personality and vibe and setting a tone for a room. Art is so personal. I knew I wanted this space to feel happy and optimistic for my dear friend. So I used these colorful fine art prints from Kim Genevieve. Beach balls, palm trees, balloons – it feels like the California dream. I also used two Katie Kime prints, one cheeky, one inspirational: Call Me Old Fashioned and Just Keep Going.


10. Curtains

While curtains are definitely needed for privacy in your Bachelorette Pad (have you watched YOU?), think of form as well. These blush pink drapes create a soft glow that makes the whole place feel soft, feminine and almost magical. Plus, everyone, and I mean everyone, looks good in pink. Your complexion can thank me later.


11. Rugs

Rugs not only help delineate a space, but help soften it too. This rug from Loloi Rugs feels great underfoot. I chose this patterned rug because everything else was a solid in the room, and this added a more dynamic, layered element to the room — more visual interest, if you will.


12. Coffee Table

If a living room doesn’t have a coffee table, is it a living room? But seriously, you want a spot to put your drink in your Bachelorette Pad! I chose this clear acrylic coffee table because it takes up minimal visual space, allows the pretty pattern of the rug show through, but provides a spot for drinks, books, flowers, etc.


13. Flowers + Plants

Living things, or at least the appearance of living things, really livens up a room. I like to mix both real florals and plants in a room with faux ones, as we did with the faux fiddle leaf fig tree, the faux boxwood topiaries and real flowers residing in this cute face vase and in the ice bucket on the bar cart. Faux real.


14. Go for the Gold

Gold is such a warm, feminine metal. And it’s no surprise that I love the Golden Girls. Haha. Proof here. Gold accents are a great choice for a Bachelorette Pad and also happens to pair beautifully with pink. Note the golden brass curtain rods and that gleaming gold brass bar cart. Hubba hubba. Oh, and check out her legs!


15. Accent Chairs & Seating

While a cozy-chic sofa or sectional is a must for your Bachelorette Pad, if you have the space you’ll want to add an accent chair and some additional seating. This Soho Swivel Chair in yellow velvet from Frontgate is a great spot for cozying up with a good book or a cold martini. And it’s also for when you have guests over. I also used and would recommend some cute round velvet ottomans that can double as additional seating.


16. Wallpaper

Finally, don’t forget your entryway. It sets the tone for when you arrive home and leave home. So make sure that’s it’s not just functional, but beautiful. This peel and stick Goddess wallpaper from Katie Kime was a must. It was also SUPER easy to install and is perfect in rentals, like this Bachelorette Pad. Wallpaper is also great in smaller spaces like a walk-in closet or if you have a vanity area, or even a wall in your home office.


I hope you found that helpful! If you have any questions at all, just ask in the comments.!


More Bachelorette Pad Ideas on Pinterest

 Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like more Bachelorette Pad ideas and inspiration, follow my Bachelorette Pad Pinterest Board here and my Interior Delights Pinterest Board here.







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