audrey hepburn's graddaughter emma ferrer on the september cover of harper's bazaar shot by richard avedo's grandson michael avedon

What a week. So much sad news. How are you doing? My hope has always been that this blog provides a bright spot in your day, which means that I tend to not talk about the sadder, darker side of life. After all, once you go down that rabbit hole, it is endless. Just this week alone proved that. But I want to be sure that you know that I feel it too. And if you want to talk about anything, I am here. Always.

On a brighter note, did you happen to see the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar?

audrey hepburn richard avedon harper's bazaar

Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer graces the cover. Even more amazing, it was shot by Richard Avedon’s grandson Michael Avedon. Incredible, right?

audrey hepburn with richard avedon

The photos of Audrey Hepburn that Richard Avedon shot for Harper’s Bazaar are some of my absolute favorite of all time. Graphic, bold, playful, they are iconic. (That’s Audrey with Avedon, above.)

funny face audrey hepburn richard avedon

In fact, I was just pinning Audrey-Avedon photos a few days ago in preparation for my own collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar (details coming soon!). So it seemed like magical timing to find out about Audrey’s granddaughter teaming up with Avedon’s grandson for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Here’s a peek…

audrey hepburn's granddaughter emma ferrer on the  cover of harper's bazaar september 2014 issue shot by richard avedon's grandson michael avedon

Subscribers will get the issue with Emma Ferrer on the cover (Lady Gaga is on the newsstand version).

harper's bazaar emma ferrer

You can see the full article here and photos here.

emma ferrer harpers bazaar

What do you think?

I have a feeling that Audrey and Richard are smiling down, with new friends Robin and Lauren by their sides.

audrey hepburn funny face

When I’m down, an Audrey Hepburn movie always lifts my spirits, so maybe tonight we can watch one together? Funny Face seems fitting. Actually a marathon might be in order. Perhaps we’ll follow it up with Mrs. Doubtfire and How To Marry a Millionaire?

Until then, I’ll leave you with a favorite Audrey quote:

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”

Something tells me that soon there will be a lot of laughing going on above us.

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