Dear Kelly,

I’m in desperate need of a cute raincoat, preferably with a hood (but not dopey looking!). And not too little girl looking either.  I have two raincoats, a grown-up trench that is nice when I am dressed up, but too Inspector Gadget-ish for day to day, and then a way sporty Patagonia one that is not at ALL feminine, but gets the job done.  I’d love something cute, but still useful. Any suggestions?

–Nicky from New York


Coats are like the cupcakes of the fashion world to me, entirely addictive, sweet and necessary (often daily), so I’m more than happy to help. Finding a raincoat that’s cute, feminine and practical (and doesn’t make you look like you’re six or Inspector Gadget’s mistress) can be quite the challenge. But after some style sleuthing, I’ve unearthed some options I hope you’ll love, starting with this chic, classic Double Breasted Trench Coat by London Fog in bright maroon.


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The color is an uplifting change from the usual on a rainy day, plus it has a detachable hood and convertible collar and belts at the waist for a figure-flattering look. It also has a cozy zip-out flannel lining, making it even more versatile. Well priced, it would look chic as an everyday option dressed up or dressed down (available in black or toffee as well; $128).


Another hooded option that indulges in the au courant military trend, the Cole Haan Packable Anorak has an optional hood that folds into the collar and features a drawstring-cinched waist for a feminine fit. If you’re a girl on the go, it also comes with a matching travel pouch for easy packing ($395).


cute hooded raincoats; cute raincoats








Sweet and bright, the Hooded Scrunch Katie Trench by Tulle is sunshine on a rainy day. I adore the flirty ruching and the bright blue hue (a steal on sale for $34.99, originally $80).


cute raincoats with hoods





Finally, a great alternative to a hooded raincoat? A darling waterproof hat like the Helen Kaminski’s Enu Wide-Brim Rain Hat that you could pair with any non-hooded raincoat of your choice (in black or mocha; $98).



cute rain hat; cute rainhat; cute wateproof hats; waterproof hat


















The Ruffle-back Trench from Victoria’s Secret keeps things short and sweet-chic (also available in black; $88).


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Hopefully soon you’ll be singing in the rain instead of dreading it.




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