Off on an unexpected adventure... Hint: It involves renting a Winnebago. | Kelly Golightly

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Have any fun plans? We’re off to do something I NEVER thought I would do…

We’re renting a Winnebago!

Say what? I know. I’m not a camper. I’ve never understood why people would choose to an RV over a hotel, yet here I am, the one who initiated this adventure.


Why not?

We wanted to hit the road for a few days but didn’t have any specific place we wanted to be. Just wanted to be out exploring again. Oh, and not be in 110+ temps. But since we need access to our own kitchen and a welcoming place for Odee, this sprang to mind and seemed like a carefree way to do that.

Plus, it sounded like a classic Americana adventure, which seems just perfect for summer and the Fourth of July!

Stay tuned to Insta Stories to see if we love it or hate it.

We both agreed that it might be just fun to drive and if we decide to stay in a hotel for a night, that works too. Haha.

Have you ever rented an RV or Winnebago? If so, all tips welcome!

We’ll be in a Mini Winnie (yes, the name alone sold me!). We rented through Outdoorsy, which is like Airbnb for RVs. Pretty brilliant actually. This is in no way sponsored, just thought I’d put it out there for anyone interested. You rent from individuals who own RVs .

 Where should we go? 

Sedona? Bryce Canyon? Bisbee?

Wish us luck on our Mini Winnie adventure + follow along on Instagram!

Have a wonderful Fourth xo.

p.s. Friends will be staying at our place for the few days while we’re away and then we’ll meet up with them back in PS for the weekend. So some swanning will certainly be in our future too!

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