Am I Putting Something of Value into the World?

Hi, human. How ya doin? I can’t focus to save my life and my brain is all over the place. Here’s what has me in a tizzy, plus 10 fun things to fill the void…

10 Fun Things + Am I Putting Something of Value into the World?

Listening to the beginning of WTF with Marc Maron today (Nahnatchka Khan episode), and this resonated (~minute 4:30):

 “Am I putting something out in the world of value? I never really thought of that. In a world where people says things like ‘that was very on-brand.’


I’m a human and when I do something, when I lose my mind or rant and rave, or have certain verbal ticks…people will say ‘that was very on-brand.’

What the fuck are you talking about?! I’m not a brand. I’m not a corporation.

Why are we buying into the court’s definition of… If they’re going to allow corporations to identify as people in a legal sense — and we don’t have to meet them there — we don’t have to present ourselves as corporate entities, or describe ourselves like that…  ‘Am I on brand with the content I’m putting out?’

That’s a human talking about a human!

How about… I’m trying to speak from my heart and create from my heart and offer something of value into the world.”

I’m always talking and thinking about this. How people talk about “creating content.” Are we machines? NO. When did we stop referring to writing and photography as writing and photography and instead start calling it content? It commodifies and minimizes it, for those creating it and those consuming it.

Around minute 9, he then goes on to talk about binging…binge-watching and the void that comes after.

Fill the void with content!

On that note, I’m going to fill your + my void with 10 fun things, half of which are Queer Eye-related and the other things that are making my inner 15-tear old scream with delight. Plus, the only thing I want from the Nordstrom sale + what I’m getting instead…you know, to fill the void.


  1. Did you watch Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special? What did you think?
  2. Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch on Dressing Funny with Tan France made me laugh this morning.
  3. Queer Eye season 4 drops on July 19th. The trailer has me in tears.
  4. While we’re on a Queer Eye roll, I fell asleep listening to Grace Helbig’s podcast with Bobby Berk last night. Could not love him more.
  5. I just finished Tan France’s book on Audible and it’s great. Next up: Karamo Brown’s book!
  6. 90210 is back — kind of. My inner 15-year-old can’t handle it. August 7th can’t come soon enough.
  7. Finally a chic hat that will stay on when it’s windy…and won’t break the bank.
  8. Odee and I desperately need this. It’s on sale here.
  9. This dress!!!
  10. This was the only thing I wanted from the Nordstrom sale .It sold out in my size, so I tracked down similar options here ($29), here ($29), here ($68) here ($209) and here ($274 — different print but similar and it’s cashmere). Which one would you get?

Thanks, as always, for reading. This is my favorite post to write each week and I appreciate you tuning in. Here’s to creating something of value and at least being aware of when we’re filling the void.

p.s.  Happy belated birthday (July 5th) to Babe Paley. (Thank you Morgan for letting me know in the comments of last wee’s 10 Fun Things post!) Babe reminds me of my dear friend, the marvelous Kelley Lilien.

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