Last summer, I fell in serious like when we stumbled upon Marfa, Texas on a road trip from San Francisco to San Antonio. With a population of about 2000, the surprises and contradictions were what made it so enticing: a Prada “shop” (re: art installation) just outside of town where only ranches exist, Maiya’s – a restaurant that seems like it was plucked straight out of New York (and makes the best Mexican martinis I’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing), art galleries that would be at home in Brooklyn, the Food Shark, an Airstream trailer known for serving up Marfalafel at lunchtime to hungry hipsters and ranchers. It’s so hard to believe it all exists virtually in the middle of nowhere.

Fantasizing about what it might be like to live here, The Hubs found this modern prefab house, emphasis on fab. Built by ma, an Austin-based design firm, I love the concept of modern design at an affordable price.

I’d love to live in a space like this. How about you?

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