The Champs-Elysees. Fabulous. Vintage Vogue covers. Fabulous. Being able to enjoy blown-up vintage French Vogue covers while strolling the Champs-Elysees? Priceless.

The covers are part of French Vogue’s celebration of their 90th anniversary (with the retrospective being called simply Vogue Covers). The exhibit flaunts 122 poster-sized covers dating from 1920 and ran the entire month of October (as if October in Paris wasn’t stunning enough on its own). We did our best to capture the best covers (and by best, I mean my favorites) so we can all enjoy them now and later.
Naturally, Audrey was at the top of my favorites list. Here she is with her huz, Mel Ferrer.

Oddly, my next favorite wasn’t of a model or an actress. It was of Alfred Hitchcock. Cue The Birds. Just brilliant. And who knew men were allowed on the cover of Vogue?

Next, I thought I had spotted Sienna Miller, not looking “too toothy.” Alas, it was some beautiful blonde from the ’60s. Style twins? Oui.

Speaking of Brits, what would a Vogue cover retrospective be without Kate Moss? She seemed to be a passerby-favorite.

A model so nice, she appeared twice.

Though the biggest repeat offender was…can you guess?

Linda Evangelista. Vogue Paris is in love with Linda. And why shouldn’t they be?
A few more of my faves. Hope you enjoy the stroll down fashion memory lane. A book of covers to commemorate the event is to be published soon and will be available on Amazon.

More photos on Teen Vogue here.
Now if only Harper’s Bazaar would do the same through Central Park, we could all get our Richard Avedon fix… Until then, we can enjoy a sneak peek here!

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